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GEM’s motto is “Once a GEM girl, always a GEM girl.”  GEM lives by these words by continuing support as GEM graduates go off to college, the work world, and beyond.


GEM2 is GEM’s alumnae program and is run in conjunction with the Baltimore City Chapter of The Links, Inc.  Alumnae programming is held approximately six times a year.  Programs include professional, social, and cultural events.  Additional support includes writing job references and connecting alumnae with personal and professional opportunities. GEM alumnae give back to the program by serving on the GEM Advisory Board and the GEM Alumnae Advisory Board, and by volunteering as GEM mentors and speakers.  With the help of GEM, our alumnae are now confident, independent, and successful young women!

Crystal Rock


My name is Toni Ayeni and I graduated from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I am currently a Pre-K through 4th grade teacher at KIPPDC, while also pursuing a Masters of Arts in Teaching. I eventually hope to get my PhD in order to be an English college professor. I am forever thankful to GEM, because they equipped me with a lifelong support group of sisters, mentors, and connections that helped me to tackle not only my college years, but the “REAL WORLD” as well. Being a GEM makes you special and I am incredibly blessed to be a part of it.

Crystal Rock


I was a part of the Diamond group who graduated from Chesapeake High School in 2010. I graduated with honors and was top 9 in my class. In 2014,  went on to obtain my undergraduate degree, a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Towson University. I started my nursing career as a clinical nurse at Mercy Medical Center’s specialty surgery acute care unit. I took on leadership roles such as charge nurse, co-chair of the hospital’s practice council, and preceptor. After 5 years at Mercy, I became a Cardiac Surgery ICU nurse at University of Maryland, a level one trauma center. In addition, I am an adjunct faculty at Carroll County Community College’s Nursing Program. I am currently taking graduate classes with hopes of attending a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia program this year. Lastly, I am a mentor and a board member here in GEM. All of my current and future accomplishments are largely influenced by GEM. The continued support even after high school is nothing short of amazing. I am forever thankful for all of the people who are a part of this wonderful program.

Crystal Rock


My name is Charity White and I immigrated from Kenya in 2003. Growing up as an immigrant presented its difficulties and I would always look forward to after school GEM activities as a way to escape and connect with my peers. GEM not only provided me with life long friendships, it also instilled in me the importance of reaching out when I needed help and later on in life, how to successfully network. GEM has always been there to support and encourage me to pursue what I love. We were always reminded the importance of education from all the GEM leadership. I graduated from Towson University in 2014 with my Bachelor of Science and went back to school to pursue nursing and graduated with my Masters in 2018. I currently love what I do and work as a research nurse with hematologic malignancies and mainly focus on Leukemia treatments. As a way to give back to GEM and pay it forward, I volunteer as a mentor to one of the GEM girls and I see so much potential in her to change the world in her own way that I’m so grateful to still be involved with such an amazing organization.

Crystal Rock


I am currently working at Johns Hopkins Call Center. GEM has helped me with interviewing skills which has helped me get jobs that I wanted. And I appreciate that every time I get a job interview.

Crystal Rock


I received a bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts. I was a double major in Sociology and International Relations with a minor in Political Science. I currently work full time at Mercy Medical Center in the Interventional Pain Management department. GEM has helped me with a plethora of things. GEM has instilled a certain kind of confidence that I didn't know I had which has helped me network and has allowed me to build connections and market my talents to different organizations and companies. I love GEM. I feel so much love and support from GEM. Thank you GEM, for everything.

Crystal Rock


I am currently a Content Strategist and I help brands tell stories online. I recently got my Masters in International Marketing and have been able to work with some amazing companies such as NASDAQ, Blackboard, and most recently the federal government. I am so appreciative to have been able to be a part of the GEM program. I owe all of my success and strength to the women in this program.

Crystal Rock


I graduated from UMES with a B.S degree in criminal justice. I am currently working as a Career Resource Specialist for the Department of Rehabilitation. I assist people with disabilities become more involved in the community. GEM has shaped me to be more responsible and to pay it forward. GEM has also taught me the importance of networking.

Crystal Rock


Hi! My name is Paije. I am currently working at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center as a Patient Care Technician. I am enrolled at Harford Community College taking my prerequisites for nursing school. GEM has always been there for me, helping me through struggles and helping me make lifelong friends.

Crystal Rock


Right now, I'm a sophomore at Frostburg majoring in history and minoring in cultural anthropology. The leadership skills that I have learned while in GEM have helped me to become more open in class discussions.

Crystal Rock


I am a Radiographer working at ChoiceOne Urgent Care and GBMC. GEM has made a great impact on my life. During some of the hardest times in my life, GEM's support has given me the strength to continue to reach my goals.

Crystal Rock


I am enrolling in college and working part time.( I am currently a single mother who is teaching her daughter how important God and education are). Some things I took away from GEM are the importance of a first impression, education, and personal health. By being a part of GEM I also learned how important team building is, no matter where you are ( home, school, work ). Thank you GEM for continuing to be there.

Crystal Rock


I graduated from Bowie State University on May 23, 2016, majoring in criminal justice with a concentration in community-based corrections. I'm currently working at Amazon full time overnight as a packager.

Crystal Rock


I am currently working at The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore. I attend CCBC but plan to transfer to Virginia-Maryland Vet school next fall as a pre-vet (large animal) major.

Crystal Rock


I am a graduate of Delaware State University with a degree in Mass Communications. Without GEM, I would not have the courage and confidence to go after anything that I want.

Crystal Rock


GEM has played a significant role in preparing me for post-secondary education, helping to build my character as a young adult, and exposing me to venues that weren't necessarily on my radar. There isn't a way to summarize the influence GEM has placed on my life. I hope that I am able to give back and provide support to the next generation of GEM girls. l. Once a GEM girl, always a GEM girl. 

Crystal Rock


“GEM has been a great resource even after high school. I got my first laptop through GEM when I started college and even my first sewing machine. In times of financial need, GEM. has always stepped in by providing resources for scholarships to help fund my education while at University of Maryland. Once a GEM girl, always a GEM girl. I am excited for the next phase of my life and knowing that GEM will always be there for me.

Crystal Rock


I would like to tell you how GEM has helped me throughout my life. Without GEM, who knows where I would be mentally. I say that because GEM has pushed me to step outside of my bubble while giving me the courage to do what I fear. For example, I used to dislike writing with a passion. But GEM has made me understand the benefits of writing, such as improving your vocabulary. As I moved throughout life, I’ve achieved an associates degree in child education and a bachelor’s degree in accounting. I would like to say GEM has helped me with that because they have given me the courage to keep going and overcome my weaknesses.

Off to College

Off to College

Our alumnae pursue their college dreams at schools such as

•    Albright College
•    Bowie State University
•    Cedar Crest College, York College
•    Community College of Baltimore County
•    Coppin University
•    Delaware State University

•    Emory University

•    Florida Southern University
•    Frostburg University

•    George Washington University
•    Georgia Southern University
•    Harrisburg College
•    Hood College
•    McDaniel College
•    Morgan University
•    Notre Dame of MD
•    Ohio Wesleyan University
•    Penn State University
•    Salisbury University
•    Stevenson University
•    Syracuse University
•    Thiel College
•    Towson University
•    Trinity College
•    University of Baltimore
•    University of Maryland-Baltimore County
•    University of Maryland-College Park
•    University of Maryland-Eastern Shore
•    Virginia State University
•    Western Carolina University
•    Wheelock College

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