High School

Amethyst volleyball pic.png

Amethysts  Class of 2021

The Amethysts are excited to graduate from high school.  They are currently waiting for their college acceptance letters and are ready to make decisions about where they will start the next chapter in their lives.

Alexandrites  Class of 2022.png

Alexandrites Class of 2022

The Alexandrites are career-driven and passionate about making a difference.  They have grown stronger as a cohort in the last year and are focusing on self-care to keep themselves healthy and connected.

Morganites  Class of 2023.png

Morganites Class of 2023

The Morganites are unique in that they completed their interviews, were accepted into GEM, and have been getting to know one another exclusively through our online programming. They are sweet, compassionate, and excited to be a part of the GEM family.